Privacy statement

This statement provides information how CNZ Marine handles personal data.

For CNZ Marine appropriate handling of personal data is of great importance. The obtained personal data is carefully processed and stored. Guideline for this process is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Which data is obtained?

CNZ Marine only processes personal data, which is required for the performance of our services towards our principals. The personal data as processed is limited to constitute data, such as : name, address, contact details, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, position, company and/or employer. Other personal data such as authorizations, certifications, etc. will only be processed on request of our principals and/or as required in the related files or cases.

CNZ Marine obtains the required personal data, partly from their principals, partly from other parties involved. CNZ Marine and their surveyors will only request for personal data, which are considered relevant to our related files and/or cases.

CNZ Marine will not obtain typical special personal data such as: religion, race, sexual orientation, health, political preference, criminal history, etc. Also the so-called identification numbers, citizen service number, etc. will not be required and/or processed in our relevant files.

How do we process personal data and to whom we share this personal data?
The obtained personal data of persons involved, will be processed in reports as drawn up by CNZ Marine. These reports will only be provided to our principals and to parties involved. These parties will be primarily responsible for the further processing of the used personal data.

How do we store and protect the personal data?
The personal data is processed and stored in the subject files, mainly in digital files on the internal network. Personal data can also be stored as a hard-copy in the subject files. Access to these systems and/or files is limited to the management of CNZ Marine and to the surveyors involved. The systems are secured either by appropriate electronic or by physical protective measures.

The personal data will be stored in the subject files within the legal prescribed time periods.

Your rights.
You have the right to view your personal data which we have processed and stored.
In case your personal data is not correct and incomplete, you can request us for alteration, correction and/or deletion of this data. We will process your written request as soon as possible.

Our website.
On our website you will find a contact form, which you can forward with your request and/or remarks. Our website does not use cookies. For only technical operation and/or analytical purposes of our website such as frequencies of visits, etc. logfiles might be processed. These logfiles and/or analytical data will not be shared with third parties.

This translation is provided for convenience only. In case of differences in interpretation of the translated text the Dutch text will prevail.

We will keep our rights to alter this Privacy Statement when required.

CNZ Marine Vlaardingen, May 2019.

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