Independence, competence , reliability and quality form the basis of our services.

Our company operates in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of the  iQ Quality Management System which is based on ISO 9001:2008

Our company is member of NIVRE (Dutch Institute of Registered Experts), 
the branch organization of recognized survey companies in The Netherlands and our Surveyors are registered at NIVRE.
NIVRE  is member of FEMAS (Federation of European Maritime Associations of Surveyors and Consultants).

Our company provide her services in compliance with the Code of Conduct as stated by NIVRE and by Verbond van Verzekeraars
(the Dutch Association of Insurers)

Our very experienced Surveyors have a technical maritime background and a combined national en international surveying experience.Our Surveyors are individual members of various maritime associations such as :

Royal Association of Maritime Technicians (KNVTS), Rotterdam Insurance and Transport Society (RBTS), Mega Yacht Association, Yachts XL Network, Yachting Industry Network, Dutch Marine & Offshore Professionals, Dutch Maritime Professionals, Marine Consultants & Officials Group, Marine Technology Society, Maritime Executives, Port of Rotterdam Community , Maritime Professionals (MARPRO), Rotterdam Maritime Society, etc.

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